Education & Training

University of Washington, Seattle

PhD Urban Design and Planning

PhD Student, ongoing studies
Current research (2023): scaling blue-green infrastructure in the built environment under a Wetland City framework. 

    Modules taken:
      • Graduate Seminar I (Advanced Research Methods)
      • Carbon Neutral Cities
      • Fundamentals of Climate Change
      • Human Experience of Place
      • Applied Statistics for Social Scientists
      • Current Topics in Environmental Risk Assessment
      • Sample Survey Techniques
      • Urban Ecology Lab

Royal Holloway, University of London

MSc Practising Sustainable Development

Dissertation : Capital assets in community-based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation mainstreaming in Ticao Island, Philippines

    Modules taken:
      • Development and Environment Research Training
      • Development and environment: theory and policy
      • Disasters and Ecosystems: Resilience in a Changing Climate
      • GIS and remote sensing for land use / land capability assessment and monitoring
      • Globalisation and governance
      • Grassroots development
      • Hazards and vulnerability
      • Water and development
      • Qualitative Laboratory Training
      • Quantitative Methods for Graduates
      • Tools for development and environment

University of the Philippines Diliman

MA Urban and Regional Planning

Thesis : Community Perception and the Value of Ecosystem Services in Establishing  Land Use for the Las Piñas – Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area

    Modules taken:
      • Theory and practice of planning
      • Land economics
      • Land use planning
      • Livelihoods and sustainability
      • Participatory environmental monitoring
      • Participatory methods
      • Planning process
      • Planning analysis and techniques
      • planning workshop
      • Project planning and development
      • Research methods
      • Urban development and housing
      • Resource use and development
      • Number theory
      • Sustainable tourism development
      • Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction

University of the Philippines Diliman​

BS Architecture

Thesis : Developing a Framework for Applying Energy Efficient Technologies in the Building Envelope of Housing Developments

    Majors taken:
      • Architectural Drafting, Monochromatic Drawing, Perspectives, Shades and Shadows, Colour Rendering, Advanced Formal Presentation Techniques
      • History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture
      • Theory of Architectural Design
      • Architectural Design
      • Building Construction
      • Practice and Governance of Architecture, Regular and Comprehensive Services of the Architect
      • Utilities
      • Elementary Surveying
      • Architectural Structures
      • Mechanical and Electrical Systems
      • Planning and Urban Design
      • Architectural Acoustics
      • Architectural Lighting
      • Fundamentals of Urban Design and Community Architecture
      • Design with Nature: Tropical Design
      • Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
      • Socio-cultural aspects of housing
      • Finance, Taxation, Civics and Land Reform for Architects
      • Research Methods in Architecture
      • Places and Landscapes in a Changing World

Aaron Julius M. Lecciones
Licensed and Registered Architect
Planner, Designer, and Educator.