Fields of Specialisation

Sustainability and Sustainable Development

The gamut of sustainability concerns in a wide range of disciplines from project planning, development, and management, to urban design, tourism, and social infrastructure. Provides sustainability insight into projects and activities from the physical, institutional, economic, and social aspects with a special concentration on wetlands and waterfronts.

      • Design of flood regulations strategy using nature-based solutions in an urban wetland catchment 
      • Assessment of transport infrastructure impact on urban wetlands
      • Sustainability implications of coastal urban waterfront development on protected areas
      • Social, Technological, Economic, and Physical aspects of sustainability on development projects 

Tourism Development Master Planning

Crafting tourism development master plans, including architectural components of tourism support facilities and infrastructure for tourism development areas, and physical and urban planning for tourist areas.

      • Developing provincial tourism development master plans and municipal tourism development plans 
      • Municipal tourism planning capacity development
      • Business and management tourism plan development
      • Full tourism architectural, engineering, and planning design services
      • Wetland Education Centre design
      • Tourism Satisfaction Survey Assessments

Resilient Urban and Community Planning and Design

Designing communities, urban spaces, and districts with disaster and climate resilience and sustainable development.

      • Development of resilient ecological villages integrating water-energy-waste nexus
      • Crafting Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plans (DRRMP), Local Contingency Action Plans (LCAP), Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP)
      • Making Cities Resilient Framework (UNISDR) assessment
      •  Social Development in resilient and sustainable communities

Architectural Design and Sustainable Architecture

Design for architectural requirements of new construction, renovation or outfits. Designing with the environment and incorporating principles of sound sustainable architectural concepts.  Knowledge in green building rating systems and design concepts (water harvesting and water efficiency technologies; energy efficiency, energy recovery techniques and renewable sources; building waste management; and materials and indoor environmental quality)

      • Designing sustainable waterfront developments
      • Sustainable zero-energy design in the built environment
      • Domestic, hospitality, and tourism architecture
      • Designing small for efficiency, ecology, and society

Education and Capacity Building

Capacity building for individual, groups, and institutions on sustainability, resiliency, disaster risk reduction and management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, architecture and design, and project development and management. Pedagogy at the tertiary-level with experience in citizen-science and action-learning pedagogy for secondary- and tertiary-level students.

      • Youth engagement and citizen science for built and natural environment learning
      • Local government unit executive capacity building and training for climate change, disaster risk reduction and management, and sustainability
      • Tertiary level education and university research

Project Development and Management

Project Development Cycle, Project Appraisal, Management and Administration, Project Coordination, and Office Management.

      • Construction Supervision for small to medium architectural projects
      • Project lead for architectural and international development projects
      • Project development and management using project cycle management

Aaron Julius M. Lecciones
Licensed and Registered Architect
Planner, Designer, and Educator.